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Natalia M. Filimonova
Prof. Dr. (holding the chair)
Functions: Management Foundations, Government Regulation of Economy, International Management, Region Economy, Small-scale Enterprise, Innovation Management

Svetlana M. Basharina
Prof. Candidate of Economics.
Functions: Management Accounts, Business Accounting, Audit

Lubov V. Belyanzeva
Matron of Chair Laboratories

Nadezhda V. Blinova
Functions: Financial Management

Galina G. Generalova
Doz. Candidate of Economics

Yury A.Dmitriev
Prof. Dr.

Elena G. Erlygina

Functions: Region Economy

Tatiana N. Kashitsyna
Functions: Region Innovation and Investment Management

Anatoly V. Kossarev


Computer administrator, sitemaker

Vladimir N. Kraev
Prof. Candidate of Economics
Functions: Economic Processes Modeling

Anna V. Leontieva
Doz. Candidate of Economics
< span class="ff4 fc0 fs14 fi ">Functions: Business Economy and Finances, Taxation

Evgenie V. Loginov
Doz. Candidate of Technics

Tatiana Y. Lylova
Functions: Municipal Management

Alexander A. Marchenko
Doz. Candidate of Economics

Natalia V. Morgunova
Doz. Candidate of Economics
Functions: Current Technologies of Public Management, Strategic Management, HumanResources Management

Elena S. Nikishina
Functions: Innovation Management, Regional Economy, Strategic Management

Alexander V. Nikolenko
Doz. Candidate of Economics
Functions: Financial Management, Enterprise Value Management

Ilya V. Panshin
Doz. Candidate of Economics
Functions: Region Economy, Economical Methods of Resource Substitution

Natalia N. Polzunova
Doz. Candidate of Economics
Functions: Logistics Management, Enterprise Competitiveness Management, Control System Investigation

Rimma N. Rumjantseva
Doz. Candidate of Economics

Igor I. Saveliev
Functions: Regional Economy, Organization Conduct, Information System Management

Victor N. Smirnov
Doz. Candidate of Economics

Svetlana V. Shtebner
Functions: Personal and Salary/Wages Management, Economic Processes Modeling

Olga B. Yares
Doz. Candidate of Economics
Functions: Financial Methods of Management, Crisis Management

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