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History of the chair

The Management department is the oldest of economic specialized departments in VLSU. It was founded in 1968. At the beginning it was a branch of political economy department in Vladimir evening polytechnic institute (VEPI) and then it transformed to separate department of «Economics, organization and planning of production». The professors taught the students in two courses of technical specialties – «Economics of industries» and «Organization and management of production». During the next five years the department has been becoming the one of leading departments of VEPI.In 1973 the research laboratory, which was one of the first at the institute, was founded thanks to the efforts of the head of a chair Mandritsa V.M. The laboratory quickly became the development key force of automated control system and application of economy-statistical methods in management of organizations. The projects were realized on the basis of enterprise contractual principles and the considerable volumes of financial funds were attracted in the institute. There were the young, full of ambitions graduating students of VPI who became research workers of laboratory: Nemkov U.A. (the deputy of administration head of Vladimir, the control chief of housing and communal services), Morgunova N.V. (the associate professor of Management department), Kislayckov V.V. (the retired colonel of Ministry of Home Affairs), Kraev V.N., Belevich L.A. (then the key specialist planned-economic department of city central office), Timofeyev N.N. (the associate professor of International economical law department) and others.The specialty “Management and Economy of Engineering Plants” was opened on the basis of the Department at 1989. Then the Department transformed to two departments: “Management” (the Head was Vladimir N. Kraev) and “Production Marketing and Economy” (the Head was associate professor, candidate of economic science A.A. Marchenko).The Management department has been at liberty to turn out specialists. There was the first graduation of 60 specialists in Management at 1994.The period from 1995 to 2005 was marked as the period of high international activity. N.V. Morgunova and N.M. Filimonova took part in internship of Southern Illinois University (USA). During the joint project with this University students of the Chair of Management (S. Kaliko, N.V. Kraeva) were sent for education to the USA on MBA-program. American professors conducted the Summer Schools in VLSU.Since 1998 the Management department and Institute of International Business Relations (Germany) made training of international MBA-program, the last graduates took place in 2003. The program coordinator of VlGU was Morgunova N.V.. Our graduating students Arackelayn D., Zobanov I., Morgunova R., finished the education and became Master of Management.In 2004 The Faculty carried out several activities in common with Pittsburgh State University. At present the ex-student Kuckushckina E.V. and professor Timofeeva D.V. still have continued their education.The scientific activities in that period generally conducted on basis of the initiative for the reason that the low ability to pay of businesses, nevertheless several projects was a success for the regional clinical hospital, public corporation «Avtopribor», public corporation «Krasnoe Eho» and others.

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